Leather Kickstand Pad For Soft Ground... Saddle Leather...Light Brown Oil Dye.....Handtooled with a Sunburst Border Pattern... Handtooled.

6" Round Leather Kickstand Pad... Handmade from Saddle Leather. Keep your kickstand from sinking into grass or soft ground... Great for camping! Also adds some extra style at Bike Shows.
* 2 thicknesses of 12 oz. Saddle Leather.
* Handtooled with a Sunburst border pattern.
* Handset copper rivets around the edge.
* Strap to lock onto your kickstand.
* Dyed with Light Brown Oil Dye..... finished with a Satin Clearcoat.
* Works with most kickstand styles.
* 6" round X 3/8" thick.
* Free Shipping.
* Lifetime Guarantee.
* Handmade in the USA in a One-Man-Shop.
Thank you for looking!

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