2-Slot Sheath For The Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife, New Knife Optional

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Saddle Leather, Oil Dye, Linen Thread

2-Slot style sheath for the Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife.
* Handmade Leather Sheath for a Buck 110 Folding Hunter..... RH carry..... Forward tilt.
* Belt slots are sized for a 1-1/2” belt.
* Made from 8-10 oz. saddle leather….. tanned in the USA.
* Handtooled with a Wafflestamp pattern.
* Handstitched.
* Dyed with Saddle Tan oil dye….. finished with a satin clear coat.
* Free Shipping!
* Lifetime Guarantee!
* Handmade in the USA in a One-Man-Shop.
* Custom orders are encouraged!
* Knife Not Included..... 
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