Leather Phone Holster... IPhone XR... Handmade

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Harness Leather, Linen Thread, Brass Hardware

This Phone Holster is sized for an IPhone XR with a protective case. It will fit other phones that are the same size.
Stop buying cheap Phone Cases that fall apart in a few months! This one is built to last!
* Handmade from thick 6 oz. Harness Leather.
* Natural Russet color.
* Flap top with secure button stud closure.
* Handstitched with sturdy waxed Linen Thread.
* Handstitched belt loop set for secure vertical carry.
* Wet-formed with a mold to fit the phone perfectly.
* Access hole to allow charging/listening to music.
* Free Shipping!
* Lifetime Guarantee!
* Handmade in the USA in a One-Man-Shop.
* Custom orders are encouraged!
Thank you for looking!

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