New! The "3Persons" Holster for a Colt 1911 Govt Model..... Handmade from Saddle Leather.

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The "3Persons" Holster is based on the Holster designed by Texas Lawman Tom Threepersons in the 1920s for the "new" Colt 1911 Govt Model.
Made from Saddle Leather, this is a sturdy and rugged Holster.....Made to last a Lifetime!
* OWB Leather Holster for a Colt 1911 Govt Model 5"….. Straight Hang…… RH carry.
* Belt loop is sized for a 1-1/2” belt.
* Made from 10-12 oz. (3/16”) Saddle Leather….. tanned in the USA.
* Handtooled….. Handstitched.
* Serpentine border tooling.
* Dyed with Light Brown Oil Dye….. finished with a Satin Clearcoat.
* Free Shipping!
* Lifetime Guarantee!
* Handmade in the USA in a One-Man-Shop.
* Custom orders are encouraged!
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